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Seriously, is this photoshopped?

Speedy Claxton, games played, year-by-year:

2001-02, Philly: 67
2002-03, SanAn: 30
2003-04, GSW: 60
2004-05, GSW/N.O: 62
2005-06, N.Orleans: 71
2006-07, Atlanta: 42
2007-08, Atlanta: 0
Total, 7 NBA Seasons: 332, an average of 47/season

Let's just say I didn't find this news too surprising (h/t: Peachtree Hoops):

Speedy Claxton pulled a hamstring in practice Friday. He's expected to travel with the team to Orlando, Phoenix, and Kansas City (playing Portland) but is not expected to play. Which, presumably, is his default setting at this point.

Via Micah from Hawks BasketBlog, Mike Bibby is looking as healthy and comfortable as we have seen him in a Hawks uniform. While the jury is still out on Acie Law, it would be nice if Speedy can hold down the second unit for 10-20 minutes a game or even let us see if Law could be better utilized by playing off the ball. Hopefully Speedy can get back to full speed (no pun intended), and make the Atlanta Spirit's last "big" free agent signing begin to pay off after two-plus seasons on the sideline.

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