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Sightseeing 9/22

Lately, my life has resembled any number of William H. Macy characters. Late Saturday nights I usually resemble Frank Gallagher from HBO's "Shameless" which is perhaps whats wrong with my blog posts. Right now you can call me The Cooler, though, due to my tragicomic 0-4 picks from last week. My sphincter has tightened considerably knowing that OBJ owes me more than a couple kicks to the ass and he will likely pay me back in full come seasons end. Hopefully, as in the movie, I will triumphantly walk away with the girl in the end (metaphorically). On with the show.

[slurred sing song] "Louie Louie, oh no. Me gotta go. Aye-yi-yi-yi"

  • Let every American male admit they have Tom Brady envy. Good looks, riches, talent... He has everything we, or at least I, don't. He impregnates lingerie models on Saturday and throws TDs on Sunday. What did you do this weekend? As for me, see above pic.

  • Clemson getting the best of Auburn was the game of the week. I honestly didn't think they had it in them. Much like UGA, I feel Clemson is the 'big engine that couldn't'. It seems to help when your opponent plays the 'porno coverage'; gaping holes everywhere. Dyer is still the best thing around since... well Lattimore. Damn there are some great backs in the SEC! I hear that Dabo is a real players coach (check out his post game interview) and I wish him and his team the best of luck in the upcoming week when they host the Seminoles.

  • Matt Ryan appeared to be struggling for three quarters Sunday night. He was constantly trying to find some semblance of a pocket and picking himself up from the turf after many a play. Its a good thing ATL didn't abandon the run too early or we may have seen more INTs from those all star corners. I wouldn't put Samuels pick on Matty Ice's shoulders though, that was just fantastic play making. About the time Vick got his poetic justice, the Eagle's momentum shifted faster then a Porsche Tiptronic. Showing some fantastic poise, Matt found a way to win this game even with Roddy White mysteriously absent. Gonzalez was the difference maker much like Maclin, who missed the only one that really mattered. I fully suspect Philly would have won had con-Vick stayed in. He let the crowd know this by pointing at the score board as he left the game on a stretcher. Classy move from a classy guy. Well played game otherwise. Oh, but Dunta, please stop leading with your head. That $40K fine will definitely not be reduced this time.

  • Ravens follow a vindicating win over the Steelers with a loss to the Titans. By the transitive property of algebra, in week 5 the Titans should beat the Steelers by 41 points. mark it down.

  • There are many things I don't like about about FBS playing FCS schools. First, I feel downright awful for the visiting team. The Coastal Carolina Chanticleers did not want to come back onto that field after the half with Georgia (mercy rule anyone?). B. I think it gives the starters a false sense of accomplishment. If the only goal is play mistake free football, athletic differences greatly skew any meaningful result. Fourth, Even when the coach wants to take his foot off the gas, he puts in the second team. This is a rare opportunity for young players to prove themselves on the big stage and are going to give it their best effort. UGA's 2 deep roster handled things quite handily. Still I will take a win any way I can get it at this point in the season. Plus, we would never get the annual week 1 upset. This year it happened to Oregon State.

  • I bet Jax is having second thoughts about cutting Garrard. Check out McCown's stat line from this past week: 6/19 59yds 0td 4int 1.8 QB rating and add a safety on top of that for good measure. I hear the Jags will be starting Gabbert week 3.

What I want to see next week:

  • Stafford and the Lions to continue slaying their schedule
  • Richt to retain his coaching position for at least one more week
  • My picks to do a little better

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