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Golden D-Bag awards: First Edition

The first awarding of the Golden D-Bag belongs to............

Tedy Bruschi

Congratulations Tedy. I used to respect your opinions given your history of performance and work ethic. Now I see you have parlayed your position to stroke yourself as some guru with an overinflated sense of importance. Listen to his comments about Chad Johnson's tweet following the Patriot's victory over Miami on Monday Night Football here. He fails to do himself any favors but most importantly his criticism of Johnson is completely unwarranted. Chad posts a harmless comment complimenting his QB on a job well done, if only TO could have been so supportive of his passers. I'm sure ochocinco will find his groove and be river dancing in the end zone soon. Shame on you Tedy, its only a game. 

I understand that football is a business but an employer must take care of his employees to make for a productive work environment. I guess that is why the Jaguars cut Garrard altogether only days before opening kick. Come clean Jags, this move was entirely monetary. If you thought McCown gives you a better chance to win why not just move him up the depth chart. Poorly handled and well deserving of an honorary golden D-Bag award. I hope there is some recourse for David. Perhaps he could exact his revenge by join the Colts who are incidentally sharing this award with the Jags. Rolling Collins out of the retirement home sends a very clear message to Painter: "This guy is going to get a week of practice with the team and he will already be better than you." OUCH!  If I were him I would use the clipboard for nothing but signing game checks. You deserve this one Colts if for nothing other than not having a contingency plan.

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