Running around to Give you the Reacharound


Sightseeing 9/15

Consider this segment a safari through the previous week's sports landscape. I'll discuss, in brief, some of the more compelling things I saw over the weekend. What I won't do is analyze play by play or breakdown film. I'm not that smart and you're not that interested. On this safari, we take a picture of a lion without giving him a dental exam. Bring your mosquito nets. There's no antidote for the illness I'm about to bring.

Looks like the nose guard is lined up in the 3 technique

  • Let's start with Georgia football. The team made a dramatic improvement between Boise and SC. Now should I expect that same level of performance for the rest of the season? Of course not. Georgia always has a way of playing down to its opponents. That's just me being the eternal pessimist. The two toughest games are out of the way and if Bulldogs play with the resolve I know they are capable of, 10-2 is not outside the realm of possibility.

  • Ravens and Steelers. Usually a hotly contested defensive slobberknocker (yea I said it!) but... the Steelers forgot to get off the bus and Ray Rice made them pay. It's ok LeBeau, the ravens played enough defense for the both of yous.

  • Many circumstances led me to believe Scam Newton would faceplant against the big boys. Lack of OTAs, new head coach, Auburn's simplified playbook, and an underwhelming pre-season apparently prove nothing except Newton is a COMPETITOR. As much as I hate this, he had an impressive box score and will likely have continued success. This week against Green Bay will probably set that developement back at least one week.

  • How about the air show on Thursday night. Packers didn't miss a beat from last seasons spectacular finish. All the injured offensive weapons return and the defense looks stout, flying around, knocking some heads about. Let's give some recognition to Brees who willed the Saints downfield, showing amazing skills on his opponents field.
What I want to see next week:
  • Falcons to realize that the games stated counting... last week
  • Clemson to bring Auburn back down to earth. Its a long shot but a man can dream.
  • Braves to play some solid ball. Post season is almost a lock and some momentum would be nice
  • Another finish like we saw in Ann Arbor

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Anonymous said...

If we get even half the excitement out of the 2nd NFL week and 3rd CFB week as we did last week, we're in for a colossal treat.