Running around to Give you the Reacharound


Fantasy World: Where dreams go to die

Welcome back fellow fantasy football fans. Labor disputes made for a pensive off season but I suppose there was enough money to go around. Hopes are always high early in the year. I stepped away after the second draft round thinking I was on my way to the best lineup since the dream team, and I'm not talking about the UGA freshman class. Realistically, anyone has a 1 in 12 (.083) chance [read: not good] of securing bragging rights, which are grossly underrated. Ninety percent of fantasy success resides in draft skills, the rest is making sure not to get taken in a bad trade. If the Patriots call with a trade proposal, just say no. You may have been (un)lucky enough to have the computer auto-draft your team. This provides you with a built in excuse for any lousy performance. You will also spend every Sunday afternoon sweating the possibility of your best running back option ending up on the IR for any amount of time. Count on Vick passing for 5 TDs and running for another 3 the week you face him and rest assured, your playoff hopes will be dashed by an absurd performance from a player like Kenny Britt.

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