Running around to Give you the Reacharound


A Rightly Introduction

Hey Readers,

Just found out how easy it is to create POLLS on blogs!

Maybe I'll use this feature to allow all (none) of you to vote on what my new "call sign" should be, with consideration to OBJ's namesake resting (un)comfortably in hell.

J-Rock has clearly proven himself adept at writing about sports with his latest post (WTF are odds!?). Good things are to come, not unlike driving quite a long way to reach a long-awaited destination. Think - somewhere with water.

What you will also receive - and I hope I'm not blowing(up) my buddy too much here - is a completely confusing yet soothing blend of hodge podge entertainment/music/current events chili. Yes, chili. Stew is for Pollacks and poors. SOUNDS SPICY!

If he has it in him, J-Rock may even slam some NASCAR on you. Let's see if we can make this interesting.


Welcome back. Come on in?

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