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Next Week, The Roethlisberger-Montana Comparisons Begin

Deadspin does a good job of pointing out all the ways that sportswriters are currently falling over themselves in an effort to annoint Larry Fitzgerald not only the best receiver in the NFL, but maybe the league's best player.

Apparantly they've forgotten that they were bestowing Ed Reed with similar ink-stained fellatio not less than three weeks ago.

Surely these writers made their voices heard and did their best to influence the 2008 MVP vote, right? You know, the award that sports writers vote on? The results:

Peyton Manning - 32 Votes
Chad Pennington - 4 Votes
Michael Turner - 4 Votes
Adrian Peterson - 3 Votes
James Harrison - 3 Votes
Philip Rivers - 2 Votes
Chris Johnson - 1 Vote
Kurt Warner - 1 Vote

Of course! A combined zero votes for the greatest(!!!) DB and WR of this generation, having their best years EVER, carrying their teammates single-handedly deep into the postseason.

Note Chad Pennington and Philip Rivers on that well as a rookie, and a teammate of Fitzgerald's. Just sayin'.

This might double as Sue's Super Bowl preview but hopefully not. UGA-centric post coming later today.

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