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Bawlin' Cawlin' 01-14-09

Apparently "Ooooh, DAMN!!!"s run on Diesel, even in Espanol

As Sue's commonly points out, we love supposedly washed up athletes who long ago earned and held the title of "Superstar." We watch them, we root for them, we draft them and we, above all else including sound reasoning, continue to believe that they will perform at a high level. Which brings us to Shaq Diesel (how in the hell is it that only a Spanish version of O'Neal's Blue Chips highlights exists out there?). Last night against the Hawks (insert frowny face), Shaq grabbed with authority his 9th 20-point game of the season. He had 8 all of last year. It's nice to see Shaq having at the very least a mini-resurgence. He's been one of the more positive athletes of my generation - as evidenced by his dry heave-inducing movies - and I like to see him do well. Hell, I'd even like to see him win another title.

He did it for the kids, see

Unfortunately, Shaq's latest statement game had to come against the hometown Hawks, in which Joe Johnson scored 11 points on 4-21 shooting. 4-21!! Where's the "playing against my former team gonna do everything I can to pull out a win" mentality? The defense looked organized and stifling in shutting down both Joe-Jo and Bibby, so we'll give the nod to the Suns rather than the shake to Johnson. In fact, I completely agree with Micah with regards to the fact that supporting members of the Hawks picked up the slack is a very good sign, and if Joe-Jo had a better night Atlanta could have taken this one.

The Hawks' next three games are very winnable, at the Clips, at the Warriors and back home for the Raptors. There's nothing like playing crappy teams to get your team back on track and put all these consecutive losses behind you. The Hawks now only have the 10th best record in the league, so no time like the present, guys. If we could only get J-Smith to stop taking those damn jump shots, especially when the game's on the line in the final minute.

Now, I'm not as pessimistic (perhaps realistic?) as str8talk, but something needs to be reversed soon.

Onto the picks!

If you were paying attention yesterday, Sue's went 4 'fer 4 with our picks. Somebody could be exploiting Sue's Cawlin' worse than a single mom wrenching every last dime out of a soul-crushed baby daddy.

OBJ: 4-0
Joe Friday: 3-1

This is more exciting than the first 2.5 hours of Titanic!

Today's Picks

OBJ: San Antonio (-2.5) over Lakers

I originally had the Lakers to cover as today's pick...but after thinking it through for fifteen minutes I switched up. Being where I was born, I've always rooted for the Spurs, so I had this great "first time picking against my team" schpeel planned out as to why I would take my least favorite basketball team against one of my favorites. I found my salvation at the last moment in remembering the home team won all four games in last year's regular season series. It'll only be too fitting if the Spurs end my perfect record.

Joe Friday: MIA (+6) over MIL

SJF attempted to pick the same game as me today, but I finally talked him out of it. Stupid, considering I feel about as confident with this pick as I did about any of the ACC match-ups from the 2008 College Football season that wasn't.

(Note from Friday: Since that last sentence made about as much sense as an Al-Jazeera sitcom without subtitles, I'm gonna assume he meant to finish it off with "...that wasn't a pre-picked Maryland selection due to my newfound Shanoffian allegiance to the Terps.")

(Note from 'Jammin: Sgt. Joe's a moron. What'd he hone his writing skills at Grady College or something? The College Football season that wasn't, as in the College Football weekend that was, as in the College Football season that was, or in this case, was not. As far as the above comment...what's the big deal? We'll save an entire Dennis Millerian rant for another post, but doesn't it stand to reason I should want my girlfriend to be happy? Doesn't this in many ways, both directly and indirectly, affect my ceiling of happiness? I won't delve too deep into it at the moment, but rooting for your significant other's team - especially when said significant other invests a significant, albeit irrational, degree of satisfaction in the outcome of a game - is just simple common sense).

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ashley said...

IRRATIONAL?! It would only be irrational to say that the thought of Murderin' Ray Ray breaking both of Ben Roethlisberger's legs in the first quarter on a third and long makes my panties wet...that would be irrational

(yeah, I just said that)