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Bawlin' Cawlin' 01-13-09

Will never get old

I'm starting to think that Tracy McGrady will never be the force I once thought he could be. Ailing shoulder, Tracy? Bad back, Tracy? C'mon, man. I'm almost certain that the Rockets will make it past the first round of the playoffs this year, but it will not be in large part to the saved-up efforts of T-Mac who rested through 40% of the season so he could pull up lame in the playoffs again. Isn't this sort of like the one virgin in a group of friends finally having his best shot with a girl, only to pass out from too many Jager Bombs and wake up to all of his friends engaged in various stages of sexual contact with the women? Poor T-Mac.

In keeping with my notoriously superstitious fandom, I'm thinking I will start to spit on the homeless, burn the American flag, tear up the hedges at Sanford Stadium and join the Gelsky in screaming that every other Braves batter is a bum. Soon, the homeless will all be back on track with jobs, America will pull herself up and dust herself off from this nagging and spirit-crushing gut-raping recession, Georgia players will stop worrying about draft status and play up to their potential (and win a title? maybe??) and the Bravos will once again make the playoffs. Right. And the monkeys and pigs that just flew out of my butt are having a tea party with me next Tuesday.

In any case following the above logic, you can call me a home team-hating vagabond-smacking commie the next time you see me.

On to the picks!

Note: We realize that it's been slightly more than a week since our last Bawlin' Cawlin,' but that's the beauty part of using your own personal online forum to dictate sports opinions - we can do whatever the hell we want!

In all seriousness we will be making a much more concerted effort to post, as we stated, "weekly, biweekly or semi-weekly" NBA picks. We have to make this overpriced meal at the chop house plus $500 worth it.


OBJ: 2-0
Joe Friday: 1-1

Getting more and more exciting! I know all of you are rooting for me, so props to everyone placing side bets on me winning the pot.

Today's Picks
OBJ 1: Miami (-1) over Minnesota.

I know Vegas knows what the hell their doing, so this one seems way too easy. Probably because it is...and yet why do I feel compelled to throw an extra hunny on this?

OBJ 2: Atlanta (+8) over Phoenix

So far Atlanta's been 2 fer' 2 for me. Keep it up BABY HAWKS!

Joe Friday 1: LAL (-4) @ Houston

Joe Friday 2: Dallas (+6) over DEN

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