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Bawlin' Cawlin' 01-22-09

A momentous day in the world of sports today, folks. Yesterday, as news leaked of this incredible development, teams in the middle of games began - hopefully not prematurely - appropriately celebrating...

Sue's contributer Stephen Jackson and Mickael Pietrus can't hide their enthusiasm while watching and hearing the news on the Warriors jumbotron.

Tim Duncan doesn't want a single person in the Spurs arena to miss the news, as he double-points to the screen for all to see. Hamilton, unaware of the news and thinking Duncan is uncharacteristically showing Hamilton up after drawing the foul, stands dejected and peers menacingly. Ginobli freaks as his eyes glance at the news.

Hamilton, now comprehending the source of Duncan's elation, seeks Timmy out for a mutually celebratory high-five. Streamers fall from the rafters as the joyous news reaches far.

From Mikki Moore and Bostjan Nachbar engaging in an awkward butt-bumping in New Jersey (that's not Jason Kidd)...

All the way to Los Angeles with Kobe Bryant and Vladimir Radmanovic
jumping for unexpected and unparalleled joy.

After hearing of the news back in their locker room, even the current NBA champs couldn't keep their normally-cool composure when they discovered the development.

As you no doubt have heard, albeit a bit after the rest of the league, Stephon Marbury may be headed to Greece, and joy and ticker tape are flooding the land of Jerry West. Marbury said in an email that he will "...listen to what they have to say," which is likely going to be more than any team in the NBA has to say.

According to Greek reports, the Olympiacos' owners are interested in offering about $15 millie to broker a buyout for Marbury. In case you were curious, Starbury's making $20.8 millie to sit his worthless ass on the bench this season, but is willing to give back $1 million to secure his release. Not surprisingly, the Knicks want more, and could get it from the Olympiacos. Note to the Olympiacos - you're a bunch of friggin' idiots. Matter of fact, I can think of 15 million reasons why you could possibly be making the dumbest sports decision of the year.

Speaking of European basketball, as has been reported Josh Childress is recovering from a sports hernia injury. You've gotta wonder how J-Chill's feelings lie with the Hawks, who still own his NBA rights. Like Bret, I don't think Sekou Smith's recent interview with Childress will yield much in the way of clearing up this foggy-yet-intriguing situation, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.

Remember, folks. Tonight on TNT your All-Star teams will be revealed. I wonder how many votes Starbury received...

Onto today's picks...

Note: In case you didn't notice, there are only two games on tonight's slate. This limits the choices of Joe Friday and me, to say the least. I do not have a good feeling about this...

OBJ: 6-2
Joe Friday: 7-1

And we remain close. I haven't been this excited since I received my first CD (Beach Boys Greatest Hits)!

Today's Picks

OBJ: Washington/Lakers UNDER (208)

Yes, I know. After missing the first O/U I ever gambled on by more than 15 points, you would think I'd avoid it like a 46-year old unibrowed Scandinavian hooker with a ghastly herpes outbreak. But while my original pick (see below) seemed guaranteed, SJF picked the same game, same results and I went back to the drawing board to see if I could one-up him. This is the result. Do I think the Celts will not only cover but win this game? Yes. Am I already preparing myself for the outrage I'll be feeling tomorrow? Also, yes. If I miss this O/U will I forever stay away from such risks? Who knows. My gambling idiocy seemingly knows no bounds.

Joe Friday: Boston (+5) over Orlando

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