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Guest Star: The Year That Sucked

A real treat for you today, folks. Please note that the opinions expressed in the below editorial are not necessarily those of Runaround Sue's. Any shocking profanity, inconsistent punctuation or baseless hate have been maintained in original form for artistic integrity. If this truly turns out to be a success you will see additional Guest Stars. This week's contributor? Buddhashih't.

You've been warned.


I fancy myself a football fan, and even though I just used fancy as a verb I consider myself fairly rabid. So if you fancy yourself in need of an ass whoopin then come punk on me for using fancy in that first sentence, bitch. I’m sorry, I’m a bit agitated. I hate Florida. Except for St. Augustine, that whole state can fall into the ocean for all I care and leave a serene Valdosta Bay. I hate the Gators. I hate Timmy Teabag. I hate every single “sportscaster” sucking his Philipino pecker chopping cock every chance they get. I hate Urban “I’m never gonna forget what UGA did to me, boo hoo hoo” Meyer. Fuck them all. Seriously. I wish I could place a bet in Vegas on when exactly Tebow announces that not only is he a leather fag but also a participant in that 2 kids 1 sandbox video. You know you’ve seen it. Don’t lie. Enough about Florida. Congratulations, cocksuckers.

Buddhashih't is angry enough...he may not be able to take it anymore

I’m pissed because I did not believe that the BCS could get worse, but I was wrong. Granted, I think they named the legitimate national champion even if they did get beat by an unranked team. AT HOME!!!! But does anyone remember the Orange Bowl. Not the championship game but the one with Cincinnati and Va Tech. Anyone? I didn’t even know who had won this game until a week later. Why? Because it was a bullshit game. Why as fans do we put up with this horse shit? It literally insults our intelligence to pair teams in a gain nothing/lose nothing game brought to you by UPS or Masingil or something. Seriously, I just looked up who won that game. I didn’t even bother seeing the score. Va Tech won. Good job. Cincinnati was a joke and honestly so was Va Tech. So, I am officially boycotting college football. I figure UGA won’t be good for another two or three years so fuck it.

I’m pissed because a “BCS buster” team has won a major bowl against a good team. Excuse me to the people too dumb to get into polygamist U, but the Utes suck. Oh but dude like Utah beat Bama. Really? Who cares? The game meant shit. All these games that aren’t the championship do is give companies reason to advertise and schools reason to print shirts. Should Bama be embarrassed? Hell yeah. I’d be embarrassed. Remember when West Virginia beat Georgia? I was embarrassed. But if these games mattered I would be a little more forthcoming with credit where credit is due. So what am I advocating? Everyone join in now… PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you miss that college football?

I am boycotting college football. Every year of the BCS has sucked. So fuck the BCS, fuck college football, and fuck you Florida with your mullets, jean shorts, and stupid colors. What are the colors supposed to represent anyway? A peaceful sunrise and clear sky? God, y’all are queer. Your colors should be black and blue like the colors of your assholes when you rednecks run out of sheep to fuck. Rot in hell swamp donkeys. God, I hate Florida.


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Jesse said...

Because UGA and it's fanbase has a lot of room to be talking about rednecks and bestiality, right?

Other than that, GD do I ever f'ing agree. I'm am completely sick of UF and I'm not even an SEC guy. And I am totally done with the BSC, I didn't even watch one complete game this year besides the UGA and GT games. What I don't understand is how the NCAA runs every other championship for all it's other sports and yet for some reason allows the BSC to strangle DIV-I football with its watered down bowl system.

For once, I'm actually looking forward to goverment intervention.