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Sobered Up - Week 11

Now featuring an actual defense! And yes, this is still a football post.

We watched the Hawks improve to an inexplicable 4-0 on Friday night and still manage to shoot themselves in the foot (seriously, any article that leads with a sentence including the words "Solomon Jones" and "more playing time" is NOT good). Somewhere between the end of the third quarter (when the game was effectively over) and before getting "environmental hazard" citations on MARTA (don't ask), it became clear to me that the sports-focused portion of my mind is now on the NBA, not college football. I feel like a prick for watching the UGA-UK game with all the interest and attention I would pay to my three-year-old neice's ballet recital, and yet I couldn't help it. You have spoiled us, Mark Richt. Two loss seasons, while now commonplace, are somehow unacceptable. This must be how Yankee Fan lives his day-to-day. Great.

Now onto the thoughts on the weekend that was in college football...

I've done a complete 180 on Texas Tech. Not only do I think they're for real (although I still think they will lose to Oklahoma), but I am ready to anoint Michael Crabtree the best player in America and give him the Heisman. Dude is sick, and yet...

...I still have the feeling that Tim Tebow will be walking away with that golden, ultimately meaningless, statue in mid-December. And honestly, that wouldn't be such a bad thing either. Everyone's favorite mohel still only had 17 passing attempts in a 42-14 rout of Vandy. Combined with his 11 carries, that was good enough for 5 touchdowns. In other words, in almost 20% of the time Tebow was the primary playmaker on a play, the Gators scored a touchdown. The Bobs would be happy with his guy.

The pleasure is all on this side of the table, Tim.

Penn State: Thanks for playing. I'm not sure I could have dealt with a national title game where one of the head coaches was eating nachos in a press box during the third quarter. Enjoy the Rose Bowl. And screw the Big 10.

Oklahoma's defense is still suspect, giving up 28 points to Texas A&M. Although at this point, I'm not sure the Big 12 hasn't morphed into some uber-version of the Pac-10, where offense runs the show and defense is an afterthought.

I really don't have much else to say about this weekend other than Brian Kelly will not be at Cincinnati next year (lay it down...Muschamp to Clemson, Leach to Tennessee, Butch Davis erecting a house made of pure gold in Chapel Hill), so let's go to Georgia's fun, if not ultimately disappointing win in the bluegrass state....

I'm really, really, really glad Mohammed Massaquoi redeemed himself with a long reception on the last play of the drive after two costly fumbles on the previous two possessions. After the second fumble, I remember thinking, "is this how MoMass is going to be remembered? With two bad fumbles in a loss to Kentucky during a wasted season?" Luckily, no. And that's great. Massaquoi has been nothing short of solid, dependable and a damn good dawg for the last four years, and his line from Saturday (8 receptions, 191 yards) will be what was remembered from this game, not the two fumbles. Hell yes.

That winning TD pass from Stafford to Green. Wow. That's what happens when two NFL-caliber talents hook up (no homo). Green was surrounded by more dudes than a girl at a sausage fest, jumped up in the only place he could, and grabbed a perfect throw from Stafford, who had broken two tackles and eluded a well-placed blitz. Just an awesome play. I'd say a few more of those in the Alabama/Florida games would have been nice, but I'm going to try and avoid the blogger/hater stereotype, at least for this week.

On that note...I don't want to join the "Fire Willie Martinez" chorus of Georgia fans just yet...but it is clear something has to be done. 129 points allowed in the last three games...ain't gonna work, I'm just saying.

"See that scoreboard? Imma light that bitch up."

Onto Sue's Top 10 (+ Mumme Poll extra two)...

1. Alabama - You do not get dropped for a hard-fought road win in the SEC against a rival. Period.

2. Texas Tech - Color me impressed. Yes, I realize this is the 80th time I've said that over the last two weeks, but I have to make up for the previous 9 weeks of believing they were nothing more than a gimmick offense that would get outgunned by Kansas.

3. Florida - Yeah, I know we try and play the whole "who would beat who on a neutral field" when comprising this list, but I ain't gonna lie. I think, on this day, November 10th, Florida is the best team in the nation.

4. Texas - Look, at this point, we know who the Top 10 teams in the nation are. They ain't changing for the most part. So let's just run the rest of these down and appreciate the top-heavy competition the Big 12 and SEC have provided us with.

5. Oklahoma
6. USC
7. Penn State
8. Oklahoma State
9. Ohio State
10. Georgia

Mumme Mumme: Mizzou and Utah. Barring any jarring upsets or a strong finish by LSU, these are your Top 12 teams in college football the rest of the season. Deal with it, for better or worse.

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