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One of the reasons we at Sue's christen our weekly college football recap "Sobered Up" is because we try to avoid kneejerk, drunken, Saturday evening quarterbacking that happens following a festive, several hour-long orgy of college football games. So I apologize if my thoughts on today's Georgia-GT game seem brash and irrational. It's really just an excuse to get the yesterday's post off the top of the page.

So that I can avoid thinking continously about this afternoon's contest, I'll be simeltanieously live blogging the 4th quarter of this brutal Hawks-Wiz game and various other college football contests. Good luck trying to enjoy this post!

Damnit- Antonio Daniels just dropped a three-pointer to cut what was a double digits Hawks lead to three...and as I type this, Flip Murray comes back w/ a quick layup. Cool. It's always better when you see Flip has connected on a shot after-the-fact so as to avoid the minor stroke that can come with watching him decide what to do w/ the ball in realtime.

RE: UGA. I'm beginning to think the strong finishes to the 2006 and 2007 seasons were simply flashes of brilliance by a quality program that just isn't destined to be an elite, Top 5 program anymore. Oh, Georgia has the talent to be among the top five programs, but we are not seeing the development of the personnel on and off the field. Ill-timed penalties, poor tackling, repeated mistakes by the same just points to poor coaching. I still won't join the FREE WILLIE chourus, but we're getting dangerously close to a point where something has to give and there has to be some accountability on the sidelines. If this was indeed Stafford and Moreno's last game at Sanford Stadium, Georgia has, I hate to say it, wasted three years of those two incredible talents and have no championships of any kind to show for it. That hurts.

Oklahoma State just scored a TD to go up 10-7. How insane is it that we could be looking at a Big 12 Championship game featuring Missouri and Texas Tech, arguably and probably the 3rd and 4th best teams in the conference? College football makes no fucking sense. And I love it.

John Clayton on ESPN: "Plaxico Burress suffered an accidenatal gunshot wound last nite at tha club..." He trying to channel his inner-Fiddy on this report?

MoE threeball to increase Hawks lead to 89-92! I love that shot. When he lets lose a three it's pretty much the opposite of how I feel when Flip lets one go.

Look at the numbers. In five games against five bowl eligible teams, Georgia has given up 41, 52, 49, 44 and now 45 points. Richt and others' excuse that this same defense "shut down" Auburn, South Carolina and Arizona State continues to weaken with every week. Those teams all have terrible offenses. A defense full of blue chippers should absolutely shut down those team's offenses each week.

Even Vandy and Tennessee, two more inept offenses Georgia has been lucky enough to face this season, combined for more than 450 yards against a defense that continuously failed at decisively putting away these crappy offenses. It's just frustrating to see an immensely talented player like Reshad Jones attempt a weak helmet/shoulder tackle to try and knock Roddy Jones out of bounds instead of wrapping him up or attempting to use his arms at all.

If there is any silver lining in the Josh Smith injury, it's that Solomon Jones seems to be improving exponentially while contributing quality minutes. Not saying Solo should be out there 20 minutes every night, but it's nice to know he can fill in for a few games should the injury bug continue to bite us. Another 3 by MoE!

As Georgia Tech started their final drive with 4:04 left in the game, up by 3, one of my buddies said "this is for your job Willie...I hope Richt is letting him know that." Needless to say the memo got lost somewhere, and three plays later the game was over. "Fuck...did we just lose to Georgia Tech?" "Yeah...fuck" "Uggggggggh" "This sucks" were the sentiments kicked around shortly after the contest ended.

Damn 31.8 seconds, Hawks ball, tie game...AND BIG AL TAKES IT UP STRONG AND ONE! YES. THAT'S HOW YOU UTILIZE A STUD BIG MAN IN A SITUATION LIKE THAT. SORRY CAPS! Good look by Marvin to feed Al against the baseline facing double coverage. 101-98, 12 seconds...Wizards ball.

So a season that started with so much potential and entered the day as "somewhat frustrating but very good" can now be considered "an utter disapointment." As I type this, Oregon is predictabily kicking the shit out of Oregon State 40-17 in the second quarter, so it looks as if USC will indeed end up in the Rose Bowl, allowing Ohio State to get into the BCS, and assuring Georgia of a date in Orlando or Tampa versus Michigan State or Iowa. Often times teams that had disapointing seasons can run through the motions against an opponent that is pumped to be playing such a "great" team and get beaten. Let's pray this season does not end with four losses and a drubbing by a Big 10 school.

In some playcalling right out of the Terry Stotts handbook, the Wiz go for two, allowing DeShawn Stevenson to drive to the hoop, draw a foul, and miss both free throws. Thanks for playing. Damn, has that franchise fallen fast over the last year...their best player is getting paid $113million and is the most notable injury prone superstar/blogger in the NBA...their second best player is about to get jettisoned for cap room...they have no bench to speak of...and they idiotically fired Eddie Jordan as if his overachiving was the problem with this team. What a messed up organization. They should re-hire MJ.

Two, somewhat more upbeat/complimentary items so we can end this on a high-note.

1. I talked the smack in the post below; and Georgia Tech answered every one of my questions and doubts. Apologies to Paul Johnson for the Chan Gailey comparisons. From now on you will be remembered to me as the coach that while watching the game today, each girl in the room said when your mug appeared on TV "OMG, HE IS SO FUCKING UGLY....I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW UGLY HE IS...HE HAS FISHLIPS." I'm sure you care. Anyways, props to Tech's offense for making the necessary halftime adjustments to exploit Georgia's weaknesses up front. That program is definitely headed in the right direction, which I guess I just didn't want to admit until after this game was over. Also, while I look forward to the Jaybo Shaw era of quarterbacking, Roddy Jones and his 8+ yards per carry over the season will give me nightmares for the next three years. That guy is a stud, and is better than any RB on UGA's roster who's name does not rhyme with Blowkronn.

Oklahoma just caught a massive break as the refs overturn what appeared to be a fumble that would have given the Cowboys back the ball as OU was inside their 5 yard line. Now Mike Gundy is pissed...not "Mike Gundy pissed" though...he doesn't get like that anymore unfortunately. Stupid anger management.

2. I am going to miss MoMass. He's one of my favorite Dawgs of all-time, and I love how no matter the drops, fumbles, booing, benching or anything else he went through during his career, he remained upbeat, always busted his ass, went right back across the middle and wasn't afraid to want the ball, to want to be the man that made that catch. He never had the raw talent of a Reggie Brown/Fred Gibson/AJ Green, but MoMass represents everything that I love about the Richt era at Georgia. Hopefully he can catch on in the NFL as a late-round draft pick and I could absolutely see him as a successful slot or posession receiver in the pros. Dude ain't afraid to go across the middle. A lot of bigger folks than him can't say that. Damn Good Dawg.

Aiight, Oklahoma scored that TD and goes into the half up 21-13, likely one TD away from putting this one away. I still think OSU can pull it off, but I think I'm ready to peel my ass off my sixth couch of the day. I wanted to write about Tennessee's hiring of Lane Kiffin, but that will have to wait til Sobered Up tomorrow. Hopefully, I can find a silver lining in today's Georgia game, but don't set the bar too high for me, y'all.

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