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Shotcallin' - Week 13

Bronze 'im.

Real life makes for a light week of posting on the ole blog, but I just wanted to make a point that could be completely a) irrelevant and b) idiotic in about 5 hours.

Michael Crabtree is the best player in the nation and should win the Heisman trophy.

I don't know why the Heisman has generally become an award for "the best QB/RB on a national title contender." It should always go to the best player in the nation, period. This isn't an MVP award, with a subjective "most valuable" qualifier. I thought it was insane when Jason White won the 2004 award over Larry Fitzgerald. Really? There were people out there that thought Jason White was the best player in the nation that season? He wasn't even the best player on his damn team that year (Peterson). Meanwhile, Fitzgerald dominated damn near every game that year for an otherwise mediocre Pittsburgh team.

I see alot of similarities between Fitzgerald that year and Crabtree this year. I wouldn't have too much of a problem with Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford or Tim Tebow winning the award. They're all great players. But Crabtree is a gamechanging threat that has transformed Texas Tech over the years from a team that relied on a gimmick offense to win games into a national title contender. As for Graham Harrell, well lets just say that Kliff Kingsbury, BJ Symons, Sonny Cumbie and Cody Hodges all put up record setting numbers running Mike Leach's offense. By comparison, could you see any Texas Tech receiver, past or current, making that final play of their game against Texas? Hell, do you see any other player in college football that could make that type of play? I'd say no, and that, combined with just about everything else he has done the last two seasons has me convinced Crabtree is the nation's best player and should be going home with the hardware on December 13th.

Oh yeah, I like Oklahoma in a close game tonight.

This week's picks. Yes, yes, it is 4:29 on Saturday afternoon. However, due to a timely project at work given to me on Friday afternoon that is due Monday at noon, I have been stuck in my office all day and have not watched a second of college football. Make of that what you will, you three loyal readers.

Michigan (+21) over Ohio State

Michigan State (+15.5) over Penn State

Boise State (-6.5) over Nevada

Oregon State (+3) over Arizona

LSU (-7) over Ole Miss

Inferior Picks:

Maryland (+1) over Florida State

Texas Tech (+7) over Oklahoma

Last Week: 4-1

2008 Inferior Picks: 5-6-1

2008 Overall Record: 48-44-3

2008 Pot: $170

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Jesse said...

I agree with you about Crabtree and on how the damn thing should be awarded. Spot on with Larry Fitzgerald also. Seriously, he was the best player on that scrub team and eveyone in the country knew, yet he still could not be stopped for what I think is still the NCAA record for longest TD streak by a WR, something like 24 straight games. And some of those catches he maid were plain sick, much like what Crabtree has been doing the last two years with the exception that Crabtree is in an offense scheme that allows him to do it much more often.

Although, by now I'm sure that won't be any chance in hell he gets it after they lost big to OU.