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Raiders Take a Hall, Pass

Much more of a lock than that "other" Hall

$8 millie and a second-round pick for 8 games, eh? I was surprised to learn that DeAngelo has 3 interceptions thus far, good for $2.67 millie per. But then there's the 48 tackles, good for $166,666.67 per tackle. Isn't math fun?

Hey Raiders! Don't you feel like you just got a two-dolla whore that fell asleep after taking one lick of your balls and chafing up and down your dick a few times with her teeth? If you weren't the Raiders with Al Davis's crazy senile ass running your busted ass sinking ship, I'd feel bad for you.

Dude, how bad do you have to be in order to be released from the Raiders while Starbury's still pulling $20+ millie riding the bench? That's just disgraceful. You must be some kind of jerk, Hall. I'm sure someone will pick you up, but other than that sweet ass verbal beat down you gave Petrino following his sudden departure to Arkansas, you really haven't done anything to make me think you have redeemable qualities. Godspeed, DeAngelo. Because you were a Falcon and had Vick's back, I'll always have yours.

But who will support you, Mr. Hall?

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