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End of an Era

As the echoes of the Spurs danced off the stirrups in the distance...

There are times in life where you're thankful for your self-awareness as a sports fan. I'm not talking about the slightly embarrassed feeling you have when someone asks you how old Bobby Abreu is and you can answer in 2 seconds. It's when something happens in the sports universe, and you don't need anyone to tell you or see it on ESPN Classic 8 years later to know what you're seeing.

I know I'm watching the greatest golfer of all time - barring his injury being a permanent set back - at his peak. I know I'm watching what could be the greatest tennis player of all time. I remember watching Jordan in the playoffs and just knowing I was witnessing something special. And I know I've just seen the end of a dynasty in San Antonio.

I knew going into the game that all I could look forward to was the high-character Spurs showing grace at the end of the loss, going up to the Mavericks and shaking their hands while wishing them luck. You can count on these things from the Spurs. Teams like the Mavericks - who jump up and down on the sideline after Erik Dampier takes a break-away dunk up 17 points with less than a minute left - may not necessarily be relied upon to act so classy. Why are you acting like you haven't been there before, Mavs? Oh, because you haven't moved past the first round since 2006. I see.

I am now 89% sure the Spurs dynasty is at an end. It's a sad thing to witness in sports - the passing of greatness - but I can solace knowing I was fully aware of what I was watching for the past 10 years. Barring a shocking addition to the team, I don't see a +1 year Duncan, who looked tired and worn down toward the end of this year, leading the Spurs to another title even with Parker and Ginobli. Will they be good? Sure. Not quite good enough to be the elite team in a West that still has another 1-2 years of Strong Kobe, a Rockets squad that will be solid if they lock up Artest, and up-and-comers Portland and New Orleans gaining steam.

Thanks for the memories Timmy D.

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Anonymous said...

If you think Kobe has 2 year left you have something coming to you! Houston will fade away like the chokers that they are! New Orleans could get really good, really fast with one big signing and a few role players to add depth to their bench, so don't sleep on them!
Portland will become good, but they might be the new Suns, who never do a damn thing in the playoffs, they might beat one team but will never get past that.
Spurs being classy is about as funny as Artest trying to be the elite shooter he isn't! If it wasn't for Horry they don't win 4, they would have gotten stuck with 2, and they only won the 2nd one because Horry's basket didn't roll in in 03, otherwise they would of seen LA win a 4th in a row. Fouling Shaq in the Hack-a-Shaq and blatantly fouling someone so hard they cant come back in because of the bleeding is not classy!
Granted Nash is a little softy bitch who cries too much, but still I don't see how you call these boring ass guys classy! The last classy team to win an NBA Championship was the 2000-2001 Lakers or the Houston Rockets of the mid 90's

I'm glad it's over, I can't stand seeing them play with their boring play and nothing but illegal screens like Utah, Dallas is just celebrating man, they were up by 17 that's isn't a point to back down, the Nuggets on the other hand were playing like it was tied when there was 4 minutes left and they were up by 50+ points, now that is lack of class!