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Bawlin' Cawlin' 04-08-09

Anotha Cawlin'. Comin atcha.

Hey, hey! We're back with another installment of Bawlin' Cawlin' folks. Sorry for the layoff. In retrospect it was probably overly ambitious for us to think we could amass enough bets to total a team's season record while starting in flipping January.

Regardless, I've scoured the wire for news in the NBA, and there just isn't anything worth expounding on until the playoffs. Orlando's good, but they're not a contender. Orlando's a contender! Josh Smith needs to quit shooting 3's. Josh Smith's 3-point shooting was the real difference maker!

So, we'll just say that the playoffs are right around the corner, which means SJF is going to be owing me a baseball game and dinner real soon (not to mention the flow, ya'll). Playoff preview to come, and soon we'll be looking back at our preseason predictions to show you guys how awesome we are. It's a fucking FREIGHT TRAIN of ENJOYABLE READING riding up on your ASS, people!

OBJ: 12-7
Joe Friday: 12-7

I don't know if it's the end of the season, or that we still have such a close record, but I'm sitting here more excited than a coked up teenager driving his drunk prom date back to the hotel. Let's ball!!

Today's Picks

OBJ 1: Washington (+16) over Cleveland

Washington is tied with Sacramento for the worst road record in the NBA at 5-33. And last week's home-crowd-fueled victory over the Cavs was an abominable freak of a fluke. But 16 points is an awful lot to give to someone who just lost to the team a week ago, even if the Wiz did get blown out by 14 points by Miami Saturday.

OBJ 2: Atlanta (PK) over Milwaukee

Ah, the beauty of picking first. I wish I could bet money that Joe Friday will try and take this one, too. But alas the only one crazy/stupid/degenerate/drunk enough to make such an insane bet would be...Joe Friday.

Joe Friday 1:
Dallas (-3) over Utah

Joe Friday 2:
Dallas/Utah OVER 208

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