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Bawlin' Cawlin' 04-14-09

Guess who's coming to dinner?

One of these guys handles their celebrity and massive wealth with grace and aplomb; the other is a total douche bag. Let the guessing begin!

A bit of the excitement has been sucked out of tonight's game, with Atlanta and Miami locking up the number four and five seeds, respectively. This is no more evident than when you watch the game tonight, to discover that Speedy Claxton is not only playing, hells bells he's in the starting lineup!

While you can look to Sue's for a more in depth study of both the upcoming playoffs and - more importantly - our preseason picks, a quick recap of our regular season series with the Heat reveals that, hey! this D-Wade guy's pretty darn good! In three meetings with Miami the Hawks are 2-1, winning 91-83 in their last meeting at Philips Arena (Feb. 27). But Wade has averaged 25.7 points, 5 boards and nearly 6 assists while shooting over 51% from the field in those games. Let's get something straight here...Wade is my favorite player in the NBA right now. He's one of the top 3 players in the LIG, and rather than being a global conqueror ('Bron) or an ego-maniacal assmunch, Wade has always seemed surprisingly down to earth and genuinely nice. I saw one of those Make A Wish things with Wade, which just so happened to come on in back-to-back succession with Kobe's episode, Flash interacted with the poor kid suffering from some disease or another as if it was literally his little brother or cousin. It was genuinely touching, and one of the most emotional things I ever caught myself getting teared up with in regards to sports. Conversely, Kobe seemed uncomfortable and stiff the whole time. Much like the way I feel when I accompany my saintly mother on her trips to the hospice where she volunteers with her therapy dog to put smiles on people's faces that are waving in death. The only difference is I feel uncomfortable because I'm overwhelmed with sadness and compassion, and Kobe seemed uncomfortable because he was working a charity angle that was clearly forced and without emotion.

Of course I don't know Kobe or Flash, and I could be way off base. But Wade really seems like a good person, and that's always stuck with me. If I could put money on an athlete in sports today that will not have some sort of character-shattering scandal or other development that leads people to doubt if he (sigh, or she) is a good person, Dwayne Wade would probably be my number one pick.

This is all to say that I wish we were not playing the Heat in the opening round, because not only is the opportunity to root for Wade's one-man wrecking crew against a superstar of similar grit like 'Bron mercilessly stolen away from me, but it also means Wade has not chance of reaching the second round. Hawks are winning y'all. Which reminds me...

OBJ: 15-7
Joe Friday: 14-8

This could be the last regular season Bawlin' Cawlin' of the 2008-09 season. If you're not excited with our records by now, you may want to look into seeing a psychiatrist ('cause you're depressed!!).

Today's Picks

OBJ: Atlanta (-9.5) over Miami

Jeez. I've gotta believe that the Hawks can cover a near 10-point spread at home against the team I've already predicted will lose to them in the opening round of the playoffs. Right? RIGHT??

Joe Friday:
Miami (+9.5) over Atlanta

Can you believe this shit. Runaround Sue's. Where selling out your own team happens.

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