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One Man's Heisman Ballot, Which Contains the Same Players as Everyone Else's Heisman Ballot

The intro is in the title.

5. Nobody. Graham Harrell? Excellent stats...same as every other TexTech QB this decade. Shonn Green, Knowshon Moreno, Javon Ringer? Fine years all around, but none elite. Michael Oher, Eric Berry, Andre Smith, Ray Maualuga? All of you have an argument when the criteria is "nation's best player. period." ...but if Orlando Pace couldn't win it in '97, it ain't ever gonna happen for a non-skill position player. This is a four-way race from these seats.

4. Michael Crabtree - I made my case for him last month, hours before him and Texas Tech willingly bent over in Norman. While I still believe he is the main reason Texas Tech has made The Leap this season, dude has only one 100 yard receiving game in Tech's last seven contests. I don't know if that makes his overall stats (93 catches, 1135 yards) more or less impressive. Either way he's definitely first place for the "Calvin Johnson - Man, I'd really like to see what he could do on another team" award.

3. Colt McCoy - Remember those weak Heisman years when Eric Crouch or Jason White took home the trophy? Well in a year like that, McCoy and his patently absurd 77.6 completion percentage would be sitting atop NYC with the bronze. This year, however, you will have to settle for being the best 3rd or 4th place finisher since the aforementioned O-Pace.

2. Sam Bradford - Needing a way to interject my disappointment with this Georgia season into every post I write, I can't help but think that Bradford's 48 touchdowns, 6 interceptions, numerous big plays and pinpoint accuracy was exactly what Georgia fans had in mind when Matt Stafford signed with the Dawgs. Alas, Stafford seems destined to, while having a fine career, leaving Georgia fans wanting more. Bradford on the other hand, presides over arguably the most prolific offense of all time and keeps it humming like a well-tuned machine. Dems the breaks.

1. Tim Tebow - Lundquist and Danielson brainwashed me. Stats-wise, he can't hold a candle to the Big 12 QBs or even himself last season. But the way he was able to integrate the RBs into the offense, running the option so smoothly and giving Florida an extra dimension they lacked last year, while still never turning the ball over (2 INTs!) was remarkable. This led to Florida's offensive explosion that was on par with Oklahoma's, only against better defenses. He was absolutely the difference-maker in the SEC title game, as if that hasn't been said enough. Last year I thought it was bullshit he won (McFadden was, by far and away, the nation's best). This year, he deserves it.

(Insert caveat on how award shouldn't be voted on until after the postseason, using example of Jason White shitting the bed in the 2003 title game three weeks after winning a Heisman that should have gone to Larry Fitzgerald.)

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