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USC'moon Already

Fellow SEC Snob

Alright now in all honesty, they don't suck. They're an incredibly solid team that reloads quicker than Neo (fun fact! he never reloads, he just pulls out more guns!) with seemingly better, stronger and quicker talent every year. Carson Palmer. Reggie Bush. I mean they're fucking good okay?

But how many of those BCS Championship games would they have taken part in if they were in the SEC, or even the Big 12? I ask because I am currently watching the 4th quarter of yet another inevitable comeback by USC on a Thursday night against a terrible, terrible team. And as our now-buddy from Arizona State aptly puts it directly above, in that respect USC just plain sucks.

How do you do it USC? How do you maintain such an elevated (inflated?) sense of accomplishment and sense of self year after year when you play against, and in several cases barely beat, patsies? Yes, you will probably win this game before I am done bitching about this, but that's not the point. I am so tired of watching you fall behind and play close games against inferior opponents, needing blocked kicks (play-by-play!) and the like just to eek out a victory. I'm tired of everyone heralding you as the best in the country when you have to keep relying on your athleticism and superior conditioning to come back against not just weak, but mind-blowingly weak ass teams. If these teams weren't tired from beating your pretty boy ass in the first half, they would be able to maintain these Vics.

You're a great team USC. You're the Trojans. By your namesake you should be covering, especially against skeezy and suspect people. Start doing it already.

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