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Shotcallin' - Week 4

Quick thoughts on this weekend's games and the picks for Week 4...Enjoy:

Georgia -7 over Arizona State - $20

I wish I was there. The game is reason #1. Reason #2 pictured above. This is reason #3.

(Note: Reasons may not be in any particular order)

I never understood the whole "UGA can't take the HEAT in the desert!!!111" meme. Has anyone who bought into that actually spent time in either the southwest or the deep south? I agree with Westerdawg: Give me 100+ degree days in dry heat over that sweaty-swampass-inducing sticky heat we have down here. Gatorade, water, and those giant mist fans will keep the Dawgs cool in Tempe. It's not like they're from fucking Buffalo or anything.

Aaaah...Mist there anything they can't do?

Get all your game previewin' on at Hey Jenny Slater, Dawg Gone Blawg, and Dawg Sports.

LSU -2.5 over Auburn - $15
LSU/Auburn UNDER 37.5 - $15

I am thoroughly intrigued by this game. The offenses should be cringeworthy at best, but the quality, speed and talent on the defensive sides of the ball will be enough to give anyone who enjoys REAL SEC FOOTBALL a boner by halftime.

That being said, I see both defenses spending a disproportionate amount of time on the field, and thus, tiring late in the 3rd or early in the 4th quarter. While LSU's QB play to this point worries me, I have just a bit more faith in their offensive braintrust than Auburn's legendary little league system.

Florida -7.5 over Tennessee - $15

You will see me downing shots of Red Snapper while wearing a pink tutu and singing "Rocky Top" at the top of my lungs before you ever see me bet on Phil Fulmer vs. Urban Meyer.

Missy State +7.5 over Georgia Tech - $15
MSU/GT UNDER 36.5 - $15

Just like Auburn/LSU....only with 75% less talent and even FEWER offensive playmakers (yes, that is somehow possible)!

Troy State + 20.5 over Ohio State - $10

I'm a sucker for the "Troy State to cover a huge line against a BCS opponent" bet. What can I say? Add in the fact that Skullcap Wells is still out and Todd Boeckman SOMEHOW IS STILL GOING TO PLAY (!?!?!?!!?) and I gotta roll with the Condoms on this one.

NC State + 7 over East Carolina - $10

ECU falling back to earth in 5...4...3...2...

Mizzou - 34 over Buffalo - $10

Really, though, the precision and perfection that which Mizzou is able to apply while completely demolishing some of the worst teams in Division 1-A and 1-AA is truly impressive. I mean, they're clearly doing a great job of impressing some of the biggest idiots with a forum to write about college football.

Seriously. Go click that link. That asshat has two Mizzou players in his Top 5 Heisman ballot thus far. He has Tim Tebow, who's had one good game against Hawaii and one medicore one against Miami, at #3. He has Knowshon Moreno, he of 7 touchdowns almost 7 yards per carry...FALLING OFF HIS TOP 10 after single-handedly keeping Georgia in the game against a team better than anyone Mizzou or Florida has played. I hate bitching about media bias against UGA, and I don't think this guy has it out for the Dawgs, but jeezus...I'd feel better if Plaschke had a Heisman vote over that guy.

Texas - 29 over Rice - $10

Leaving Work Right Now > Saying Anything About This Game

Last Week: 3-4

2008 Record: 14-9

2008 Pot: $135

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