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Making 'Around the Horn' Look Like 'Meet the Press'

As B.I. noted earlier this week, we here at Sue's Truly view the NFL as the "Best Thing to Do While Nursing College Football Hangovers." Henceforth, we can thusly sum up our thoughts on the upcoming 2008 campaign in a friendly Thursday afternoon GCHAT while waiting for SC-Vandy to get going.

Bourn Inferiority: :-/ at going into this without any laid out topicsJibber Jabber: perfect intro right there
anyways, so off the top of your head
whos your SB pick?
BI: Always a tough pick
you want to pick the people that first pop into your head, then you try to remember everything you've read about injuries/chemistry issues, then you remember teams coming out of nowhere in the season and winning the whole thing and you realize you may as well just spit a few teams out
I like the Chargers to beat the hump, first
JJ: I could see that
BI: and uhm
JJ: You think losing that SB will hurt the Patriots at all?
their schedule is mad easy
BI: I just don't think the Pats are as hungry any more. This could be a huge mistake after the team stayed hungry whilst FEASTING nonstop every Sunday last year, but I don't see lightening striking twice
A team's got to have adversity to become stronger, and with that schedule I don't see any challenged.
JJ: ok plaschke
though i could see the latter argument
beating up on an easy ass schedule all year...then running into a wall in the playoffs
espicially in the AFC, where you're looking at a STOUT Pitt/Indy/Jax/SD group

BI: hold the phone I just found out keith urban and usher are bringing in the NFL season this year
you think the NFL bigwigs sent everyone home over the weekend to ask their kids their favorite music artists, came back in on monday and started reverse alphabetically?
"Uhhh USHER!! Yeah yeah he's good. Bring him in. He's got that Yeah! thing that drives everyone crazy y'know!
....aaaaaaand oh oh Urban! Yeah the young demographic really loves that guy! Okay, great work people"
Yeah the AFC playoff picture will shape up to be a mean one no matter who gets in.
JJ: Usher fits well with the typical NFL-music-pick
they like grabbing folks who peaked 3-4 years ago
BI: True.
JJ: Ludacris only 2 years away, believe that
BI: But haven't they had washed-up country music stars singing "Are you read for some football!!!"
Oh and by the way Prince was there two years ago. Or three. And he's never going to be washed up believe that.
JJ: theres too many washed up country stars
BI: true THAT
all country stars are washed up IMO
JJ: Mellencamp? Rolling Stones? Tom Petty?
just beacuse you're a legend doesn't mean you can't be washed up

BI: Petty also cannot be washed up. He's still...
okay I'll give you Petty
last great thing he did was in the late 90's, coinciding with his awesome role as some shitkicking hillbilly in Costner's The Postman
but not Prince
Prince is eternal

BI:Anyway, on the other side of the coin toss in February I see the Saints or Eagles. The Eagles if everyone stays healthy, or the Saints if they play at or slightly above that team's potential.
Other than Deuce Deuce going down last year, I have no idea what happened to them. That offense was insane, and it totally sparked out.
Like a college boy about to get lucky, giddy as hell all night 'cause of the hot girl he brought back to his dorm, then not being able to close the deal because...

I suppose I'd be a real bitch if I picked two, so I'm going with the Saints - Chargers
Dallas is an insane team loaded with talent, I just can't pick against history for the life of me, and I don't like a team that hasn't been out of the first round since...
JJ: Why the hell is everyone high on the Eagles?
theyre old as shit
yeah dallas hasnt won a playoff game in 13 yrs
thats insane
BI:that's insanely insane with the talent they've had Four reasons why people are higher on Eagles than they were on that Pineapple Express they got last night:
A) Look at the rest of the league
Out of all the teams that have a chance to be in the playoffs, we have Carolina, Dallas, Green Bay, Minnesota, New Orleans, NY Giants, Seahawks, Bucs and Redskins
Dallas and the Saints I've already address so they're out
New York just lost too much this off-season and, got incredibly lucky. That whole hunger thing rears up again and honestly, I don't think they make the playoffs
JJ: so people are high on Philly because nobody else really stands out to them?
agreed w/ G-Men
but is eli turning the corner? or is he still the same mediocre Eli?
BI: Eli has elevated himself from mediocre Eli. He is a top-10 quarterback in the league now. The confidence you gain from winning a super bowl propels you to do great things

BI: Inexperience at quarterback marks off Green Bay, Minnesota and the RedskinsJJ: Skins will be awful
Jason Campbell had one good year at Auburn stocked with NFL talent
other than that, constant dissapointment

BI: So who's left?
Seahawks, who shouldn't have made the playoffs last year and basically have the same team
JJ: ok so i see your point re: Giants and Skins
but still, why so high on Philly?
BI: The Bucs, who we both know have issues galore at quarterback
JJ: you basically like them out of default
BI: oh I'm not finished. this is only point one
JJ: ugh
BI: and then Carolina, who may be the team that could resist them
so, correct
A) Lack of competition
B) The Eagles, correct me if I'm wrong, showed great tenacity and were on their way to a top seed in the playoffs?
JJ: ? wtf
BI: before McNabb went down
they won close games towards the end of games and were on their way to playoffs
hey what is it everyone's favorite card master calls women again?
JJ: huh?
BI: Man where is your head today

Anyway that's reason number two. With a healthy McNabb they're in the playoffs this year
err last year
and they're real talented
JJ: whos their #1 receiver?
JJ: their running backBI: are you saying you dont' like them to plow through that weak ass schedule?
BI: Hmm
Okay, a damn good one tooJJ:I like Philly, I just don't see them advancing far in the playoffs
In my eyes, Dallas is the clear cut team to beat in that conference
JJ: if i had to bet on one team in the NFL making the superbowl, its dallas
BI: I agree re: Dallas, I just can't bet against history.
JJ: got cho' history right here

BI: Exactly my point. They haven't advanced past the first round since Aikman left if I'm correct
I like Dallas, only a fool would not, but that whole not-getting-passed-round-one-enough-to-make-T.O.-cry-like-a-baby thing

: anyways, my first two are Dallas and New Orleans in the NFC

Okay so we're quite agreeable on the NFC front

Ok so give me your NFC playoff picks
I gots
1. Dallas
2. New Orleans
as the top seeds
then Seattle, Tampa Bay, Philly, Green Bay as the others
I see Detroit, Giants, Minny as close-but no cigar teams
I see the Falcons finishing 3-13 and Shock still not gettin his reps
I see Dallas beating N.O. in an offensive showdown for the NFC title
I see Seattle and Green Bay as two of the worst division winners in recent memory.
I see Aaron Rogers being the Packers weak link and Ryan Grant not doing shit
I see the Bears defense and special teams owning, but with the offense going 3-and-out 90% of the time, even they'll get some points scored on them.
fin for NFC
BI: 90% is an awful lot
why don't you like the Eagles again?
JJ: i do
BI: other than their lack of WRs not named Brown of course
BI: i just don't see them as a superbowl pick
i see them winning a playoff game
thats solid
but theyre getting alot of superbowl love, and that i don't see
mcnabb hasnt been consistently healthy in awhile
BI: true
and Dallas hasn't been consistently winnable in the playoffs in a while either
JJ: i dont really think history matters much
i mean in the NFL half the teams turnover from year to year
so i dont think the 2003 Cowboys failure to win in the playoffs will affect this year's edition
BI: but history of injuries do?
JJ: yeah definitely
injured players tend to contunite to get injured
as my fantasy baseball team is currently proving
BI: your current fantasy baseball team is proving that drafting players over the age of 40 is "not a good idea" most of the time
regardless of how "consistent" these old fuckers are
I'll give you this
if the Cowboys fail to make the second round of the playoffs, and perhaps even the superbowl, and perhaps even win it, it could be the biggest disappointment of the season this side of P Manning throwing more picks than TDs
JJ: true dat
so Manning Brady injuries?
how much they really gonna affect em
we still gonna see a combined 8,000 yards and 75 TDs?
cuz i gotta say yes
tho Harrsion being out does worry me
BI: is Harrison out?

Here's the thing
there's really no way of knowing the extent of those injuries
JJ: true they keep that shit to the vest now
BI: Pats/Colts are so secretive about their injuries, we won't know until the 2nd or 3rd game
that being said, I see a Manning and Brady at 75% still being better than 88% of the rest of the QBs in the league, at least
JJ: f'sho

BI: By the way, I think the Falcons surprise everyone and win
3 games
JJ: would that be a good or bad surprise?
BI: A good one I think
JJ cuz i think theres a fair amount of folks thinking 1-15 a legit possibility
BI: I just took a look at their schedule and they are all legitimately losable for sure
JJ: how pissed is Blank gonna be when his "white face of the franchise"-yearning ass has a chance to draft Stafford next year?
JJ: damn yahoo now has Chad Ocho Cinco on their fantasy list
JJ: man i love college football

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