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Damn Good Dawg

So long Larry...for my money, the best play-by-play AND color guy in the business. Listening to Munson really made you feel like you were watching the game.

Personal anecdote: The highest compliment regarding Munson I can think of came from a buddy of mine...this guy is basically a hater. "This bar sucks. She's not my type. I don't like this song. That show is gay." Fun guy to hang around. Anyway, he also hates UGA and College Football.

One day, Arkansas '05, we were driving back from a round of golf when I put on the Georgia game. The hater was hooked by Munson. "Who is this announcer?" he asked. The whole 45 minute drive back to Atlanta, a guy that had no interest in the game, who never watches a second of Georgia football, listened in silence to Munson call the game. Said it sounded like he was being told an enjoyable story involving football, and was better than actually watching the game.

The Braves Big Four (Carey, Van Weiren, Sutton, and Simpson) were great. Munson was the best.

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