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Shotcallin' - Week 2

Before getting started with this week's picks, I'd like to give a few words of advice to my fellow Dawg fans crying about Georgia's drop from #1 to #2 in both the coaches and AP poll:

Seriously, who gives a shit?

Georgia fans, including myself, have been pointing to our absurdly difficult schedule this entire offseason. By almost any measurable ranking, it is the most difficult schedule in the nation. Barring Arizona State and a handful of SEC teams finishing at or around .500, the Dawgs will finish with the highest ranked schedule in the nation. This, leads to the conclusion, that as long as there is only one team with less losses than Georgia, the Dawgs will get a chance to play for the national championship.

The point is, we have to win to get there. If we pick up wins against the likes of Alabama, LSU, Florida, etc. while USC and Ohio State is plowing through the Stanfords, Washingtons and Purdues of the world, the voters WILL take notice and we WILL be rewarded with an appropriate ranking.

Look, UGA wasn't, by any means, a unanimous or clear #1 to begin with. We were likely to get jumped by the USC/OSU winner in 2 weeks anyways. You think fans of those two teams worry about their rankings on Labor Day? It's all about the final BCS rankings to those fans and it should be to us to. If Georgia keeps winning, we will play for a national title. And thats all that matters.

Act like you've been there before, and act like you'll be there again.

/ Steps off soapbox.

And now, the Week 2 picks:

Ohio (+34) over Ohio State - $10

Central Michigan (+24) over Georgia - $20

*UAB, Marshall, Troy - Georgia hasn't covered against any of them in recent years.

Georgia/CMU OVER 56.5 - $10

Ole Miss (+8) over Wake Forest - $25

Ole Miss (ML +285) over Wake Forest - $10

Oregon State (+15.5) over Penn State - $10

Alabama (-30) over Tulane - $10

Miami (+23.5) over Florida - $10

Texas Tech (-11.o) over Nevada - $10

2008 Record: 6-1

2008 Pot: $160

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