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Bawlin' Cawlin' - 02.15.09 - ALL-STAR EXTRAVAGANZA

I'm sure their respective sexual escapades from the previous night were discussed.

This year marks the third edition of Sue's annual NBA all-star betting spectacular (better name coming next year). One of us picks the west, the other the east. If we can't pick sides immediately, we put a spread on it. Then, we pick our choices for game MVP using the following drafting procedure: 1-2-2-1-2-1. And because at this point you're dying of anticipation, here's how this year's went:

OBJ: LeBron
Friday: D-Wade
Friday: Kobe
Friday: Amare
OBJ: Duncan

$100 to the guy who chooses the correct MVP. $100 to the guy that picks the winner of the game. A tie will likely lead to gambling withdrawal and a haste to make a bet, any bet possible. (Last year's: "Given the baseballs taken to the face by pitchers in recent year, coupled with that Rockies 1st base coach that died after taking a line drive to the head, will pitchers be wearing helmets in 15 years? Discuss.)

2006's version ended with us, after driving a bar tab upwards to the Mendoza Line, getting angry with our bartender for growing irritated with us, stiffing her with a weak-ass tip, then returning the next day to make nice and give the properly gratuitize. Clearly not our finest moment.

2007's version neither of us can remember. I think I picked the losing team.


OBJ: 10-3
Joe Friday: 9-4

No matter how close this race remains until the bitter end, I doubt the excitement will ever beat steppin' into a lock of a payday from Wal-Mart.

Today's Picks

OBJ: West over East

Joe Friday: East over West

No lines today, bitches. 5th-grade playground style bettin' up in this.

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