Running around to Give you the Reacharound


The Standard Self-Indulgent Introductory Post

I really didn't want to do one of these, as I find them incredibly boring and self-deprecating. (Un)Fortunately, absolutely nobody is reading this right now, and interesting sports news is scarce, so here we are. What can you expect from Runaround Sues? Lets start a list:

1. Lists. (pun intended) Seriously. I'm not a good writer and perusing other blogs and sports websites have given me the impression that nothing is easier on the eyes or mind than a good subjective list about sports.

2. Alot of college football talk. Both myself and Bourn Inferiority are University of Georgia graduates and certified SEC Snobs. Expect a weekly wrapup post and back and forth once the season starts, as well as a preview sometime soon that likely will not differ all that much from the other 29732682922 previews out there.

3. Atlanta and Houston team-centric talk. It's where we live and most of our favorite teams play. That being said, the teams in these cities are entirely uninteresting, so maybe there won't be much of this.

4. Plenty of MLB, NBA, Fantasy Sports talk in addition to college football. NFL too. Maybe the occasional college basketball or NASCAR post. One hockey post a year that will probably make no sense. Golf and tennis...doubtful. Wrestling? Maybe from Bourn.

5. PTI-style back and forth arguments lasting anywhere from 2 paragraphs to 2 months. This will make more sense once it appears on screen.

6. Not many nice things to say about Bill Plaschke columns.

7. Fair warning: you're dealing with two guys who find it reprehensible Michael Vick is serving a longer prison sentence than, say, Pacman Jones or T.I. You're dealing with a couple of guys who check Fox News' main page for amusement and to a much lesser degree, actual news. Safe to say, we won't be subtlety stroking Obama and bashing Bush as many other sports blogs seem to enjoy slipping in posts. Hopefully though, politics can be left off this blog all together...

We'll see how this goes, but clearly have no idea what we're doing. Hopefully this won't be a dead link in two weeks. A post on actual sports up next...

Jibber Jabber

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Good luck with it and you can count me as a reader since I'm also an ATLien.

One more thing, I'm sorry you had to attend UGAg. I'm sure we'll get along just fine though on all other subject matter. Go Jackets!