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Quick Hits on Today's Headlines

Report: Favre sends text message to Packers GM Thompson

Ugh. Everything that there is to say about this story has been said. Brett Favre, a QB who has won the same number of Super Bowls as Eli Manning and Trent Dilfer, wants to come back…everyone knows it, and the media clearly loves reporting on this. I have absolutely nothing to add to this story, except that I wish it would go the way of Barbaro-mania in ’07. Too much?

Sixers getting in position to lure Brand from West Coast

Wow…didn’t see this one coming. As a Hawks fan, I have been trained to expect the worst, but news that the 76ers could land Brand would mean that there is is one less team that can lure away The Joshes from the Hawks. The 76ers signing Brand would leave the Golden State Warriors as the only team with significant cash needed to present an offer that the Hawks’ abortion of an ownership group wouldn’t match. Whatever. If I’m Josh Smith in this situation, I sign a huge one year deal, allow the Hawks to match it and become a unrestricted free agent next year, free to sign with anyone without having to worry about it being matched. Then again…The Stampede for LeBron/Wade/Bosh/Amare/Yao in 2010 might be enough to make the 2009 offseason leaner than Shawn Bradley after a month-long meth binge. Maybe that’s why I’m not a sports agent.

As for how this move would help the 76ers, it would give them a legitmate low-post scoring threat, something most Eastern Conference teams don’t have…and Brand/Dalembart would give them the best interior defense in the East outside of Boston. However, even if this allows them to re-sign Iguodala, I don’t think this move puts them with the Boston/Detroit/Miamiassumingeveryoneshealthy class in the East. No matter how many studs they sign this offseason, Brand, JSmith, whoever, this is still a team that was starting Willie Greene in the playoffs. The depth isn’t there.

Imprisoned Vick Files for Bankruptcy

This is just depressing. I have never been a Falcons fan; but, as an Atlanta resident, I enjoyed the hell out of watching them during the inconsistent yet glittering Michael Vick era. A man that, roughly 500 days ago was the highest-paid athlete in the city (though now that title is currently being held in even more dubious fashion by the immortal Mike Hampton)…now he’s protecting his last pennies against creditors through his lawyers while he sits in a Leavenworth, Kansas prison.

Just everything about this story disgusts me. Insanely talented athlete makes it big from the shady part of town. Hooks up his boys/entourage with the means to do whatever they want, including engaging in their illegal vice of choice, apparently dogfighting. Said athlete and said entourage are dumb enough to put HIS fucking name on all the property where said illegal activity takes place. Upon one of his idiot minions being suspected of drug dealing, police find evidence of an illegal dogfighting ring. His childhood friends roll over on him to save their own asses, despite Vick giving them (presumably) their means to everything they have. Talented QB winds up in prison during the prime of his career. Local football team, in an effort to sever ties with era associated with Vick, overreaches in the draft for a mediocre QB who’s most famous game in college was one where his team didn’t score for 58 minutes and was on the receiving end of an ass-whuppin in the Nails-On-A-Chalkboard Bowl, aka, the ACC Championship Game.

But back to Vick…I know dogfighting is brutal, and the way him and his cronies killed the dogs are indefensible. I know it’s a cultural thing (and I won’t even attempt to get into that), as Stephon Marbury so clumsily stated in his attempted defense of Vick.

I also know that it truly irks me that this ordeal (which is, despite what PETA would have you think, is, at the end of the day, over a FUCKING DOG) is that tonight OJ Simpson, PacMan Jones and Leonard Little will be able to sleep in their own beds. The two people Simpson (allegedly) murdered, the mother killed by Little’s first DUI, and the man paralyzed after being shot by a member of PacMan’s entourage, won’t be able to. I’m not saying Michael Vick is as innocent as those folks, but seeing him reduced to this still makes me angry. Glad the feds were able to solve the underground dogfighting problems in this country, though. Now go tackle corporate corruption, counter-terrorism and organized crime and we’ll be all set.

/ Stepping off soapbox, takes sip of water washing foam away from mouth.

At trial, women deny Nazi link in Mosley S&M Orgy scandal

This one probably deserves its own post, and I’m not the one to write it. Bourn?

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Anonymous said...

Could care less for the first two, but totally agree with everything Vick related. Great point too that no one ever seems to bring to the table.

That last one, well, just wow.