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I See Ya Tryna Do Like Me, Man Dat Dance Was Ugly

While the typical Georgia fan is likely concerned with the Dawgs' shuffling of the offensive line, whether or not Knowshon Moreno should return punts, or when Brannan Southerland will return to the field, we here at Runaround Sue's tackle the deeper, burning-hotter issues on the eve of the 2008 Season: What will become of the Soulja Boy this season?

Those unmistakable beats of Crank Dat (Soulja Boy) first graced the airwaves of Sanford Stadium during last year's Ole Miss game on September 29th. Of course, by then, the song had already received heavy radio airplay and was finishing its run atop the Billboard Hot 200, making it a certifiable mainstream pop hit. Needless to say, the pigmentally challenged crowd at Sanford ate this up, eliciting a cheer and excitement usually reserved for 7pm kickoffs. The players got pumped too, and started dancing a bit. The Jumbotron showed Thomas Brown and Knowshon Moreno doing the Soulja Boy dance on the sideline, and a trend was born. Thanks to this accidental inspiration (as well as Ole Miss' lack of depth/talent, Sun Belt-caliber QB and poor coaching), the Dawgs steamrolled the Rebels.

Georgia was hardly alone in the Soulja Boy phenomenon; but as the season and the Dawgs' fortunes moved forward, Crank Dat became a staple at all future home games, culminating with The Blackout win against Auburn.

A few rhythmically-stunted moves (some by yours truly included) and wince-inducing Red & Black columns later, the season ended in enormous success. For better or worse, the Soulja Boy will always be connected with the 2007 season…but how will that play out in 2008?

As many a hip-hop fan knows, nothing is weaker than reveling in yesterday’s hits. Not only that, Lebron James, highly influential to young athletes, recently stamped Soulja Boy with the mediocre/irrelevant label. The equally influential Jay-Z did likewise . Will the players move on from last year's dance craze? Will they latch on to something more relevant; or, with the increased expectations, will this season be all about taking care of business?

When the PA announcer at Sanford inevitably players those first few beats of Crank Dat eight days (!!!) from now, we know the fans will do their thing, but what happens after that? Will the Soulja Boy be extinct from Georgia’s sidelines by homecoming? If the song doesn’t play at all, does that mean that Coach Richt finally caught the drift of the lyrics’ intended meaning and decided to ban the song? Only time will tell, but feel free to take your best guess.

Fortunately for the fans of the Soulja Boy/UGA culture, Crank Dat's steel drum mega masterpiece will be a staple of tailgating playlists for the 2008 and 2009 season. And if you’re one of the blessed souls that either attends or is stationed next to a tailgate that is still playing Who Let The Dogs Out, well then, there is a good chance you’ll still be Crankin’ Dat in 2013.

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