Running around to Give you the Reacharound


Sightseeing 10/13

My apologies up front, loyal readers, for another missed photo opportunity. A last minute decision to acquire bargain priced (and bargain seating) Sunday Night Football tickets led me on a bare bones trip to the dome without my new camera on hand. A $600 dollar camera does me no good lest I learn how to operate it properly much less remember to grab it on the way out of the door. This brings me to today's theme. Money can't buy you happiness, or a championship.

  • Take the Yankees and the Phillies, who sport the two highest paid rosters in MLB, have just been bounced from the playoffs by teams with approximately half their payroll. The Marlins won the world series in 2003 with a payroll one third of their series' opponent, the Yanks. The Phils, obviously the best team in the league this year, should enlighten us to the detriment of a BCS playoff system.
  • More BCS games would equal more revenue for all parties involved. I am astounded a playoff system has not been implemented yet. Much like I don't want to see another 2005 White Sox/Astros world series, I would rather be hit across the face with a pineapple than tolerate an equivalent BCS title game.
  • Julio Jones cost the Falcons in the form of draft picks. Although I love his skills and think he will be a great player moving forward, I feel that pressure to perform is forcing the ball in his direction. Jones is taking the next game off due to injury which may not be a bad thing. This will be a chance for the Falcons to revert to a style of offense that worked so well last year.
  • Cam Newton is the exception that is going to prove our rule today. NCAA admits the possibility of reopening the case if new information arises. This tells me that among all that smoke, they just couldn't find the fire. How much does a crystal football cost, Auburn? Apparently rounds-a-bout $200,000.
What I want to see next week:
  • A Falcons game from less than a half mile way (Probably not an exaggeration from the top row of the Georgia Dome)


Joe Friday said...


Would you be cool if the Falcons had made that same deal (boatload of draft picks) for AJ Green?

Supposedly they tried (even offered more, allegedly) and the Bengals turned it down, knowing what they had in the ability to draft Green.

I don't think the deal for Jones was atrocious, but I do think the Falcons much preferred Green, and rightly so.

J-Rock said...

Answer: Yes I would be cool with AJ Green, even at a higher price (within reason.) The deal for Jones was costly but I agree not atrocious. For the record, I really, really like him as player. He may be a better fit for the Falcons than Green. Similarly, the best fit for Jones may have been in Cleveland, had there not been a trade. Imagine the Bengals/Browns matchup in that scenario.

Osama Bin Jammin said...

The 2005 World Series is exactly why we DO need a playoff system.

Boise State has been a playoff team for the last 3 years. They deserve a a chance to either play for it all or get knocked of their perch.