Running around to Give you the Reacharound


Take the High Road Next Time, Coach

Much ado was made over the Jims' post game handshake/chest bumping. Perhaps Harbaugh was a little too exuberant with his handshake and back slap/shove. No need to get your shorts in a bunch though, Schwartz. That type of overreaction is unbecoming of a man in your position. Football is a competitive sport and the cutthroat nature of the business may have you jaded, but never forget, it is just a game. Take the high road next time, coach. Likewise, commendations to Harbaugh for owning up to his shortcomings after the game.

Not a day earlier, Todd Grantham, UGA defensive coordinator, made a scene after a close win over Vanderbilt. No one likes a sore loser but you know what people hate worse; a sore winner. Standing up for your players is one thing but acting like a donkey is another. This behavior is especially embarrassing for a man, whether he likes it or not, is a role-model for the young men he fervently represents. Take the high road next time, coach. Vandy head coach Franklin and Richt clarify the situation shortly after. There is only one reason to react as Grantham did. If a person makes disparaging remarks about any female family member (mom, wife, sister, or heaven forbid daughter,) it is perfectly acceptable to skip the tough guy charade and unleash hay-makers with little discretion.

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