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Sightseeing 10/26

Wing Ding is an exclusive party hosted annually by a dear friend. Friends and family gather around "The Pit" for a massive overindulgence of all things merry. The menu is an overwhelmingly long list of smoked animals, oyster bar, open-flame-cook-your-own steaks, innumerable wings, and an all night smoking of jerky (for those who want breakfast in the morning.) You would be lucky to make it to your tent when pass out time comes around. For such a splendid event, in inordinately large amount of firewood is consumed. This is where I come in. As entrance fee for the good time, I am among the privileged few who are tasked with splitting so much wood. As such, I missed every college football game last Saturday and this week's safari will stick strictly to the NFL.

More wood than a gay pride parade
  • The Falcons put together a consistently good game against the Lions. One thing stood out and I'm surprised the TV announcer didn't make note of it. Matt Ryan scores a rushing touchdown and Svitek (playing for injured LT Baker) clearly stomps on a defense-man's hand. I do not tolerate poor sportsmanship well.  Punching, grabbing, eye-gouging are types behavior that are common in the chaotic pile and most always go unnoticed. One may say that football is an aggressive sport and players are just trying gain any advantage they can. Unsportsmanlike conduct is bad form. I hope that someday referees can start officiating this better. I would favor more ejections seeing as you literally have to assault another player to evoke this penalty.
  • Drew Brees threw more touchdowns than he did incompletions. Colts may be involved in the Suck for Luck game and that defense gave up half way through the 2nd quarter. Still, he threw 35 passes, completed 31 of them with 5 going for touchdowns. BOW DOWN!
  • Speaking of worship, Tebow seems to be the talk of the town. You can read great perspective here. He always does just enough to get the victory. The majority of the game was prolly the worst quarterbacking performance in the history of quarterbacking yet he rallies in the 4th to get the win. In the closing minutes he throws accurate passes, rushes for touchdowns, and turns water into wine. I think this may be Tim Tebow's world and we are lucky he lets us live in it.
What I want to see next week:
  • A 28 point bulldog lead at the end of the 3rd quarter. A football season wedding will prevent my viewing of the 4th quarter. (That's unsportsmanlike conduct)

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