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WBC in the 213

It appears the U.S. squad, in fact, did not have the Wright (1-5, RBI 3ks) stuff for this game

Apologies for the weak ass play on words above, but let's get Wright to it. Betcha didn't think we could squeeze another WBC post out, didja? Well, after the endless requests for some final thoughts, we gave in to our passionate fans (Suesaholics? We'll get back to you on that one).

"But OBJ," you might ask, "why wait until the interest level in the WBC has dropped significantly before posting this half-assed recap?" To which I would reply, what interest level!
The view.

So the handsome half of your intrepid reporters from Sue's popped into LA and peeped the semifinals match between Japan and the USA. Hell, if the other games weren't being broadcast, I wasn't about to take a chance with this one! The first thought I certainly want to share with you is...everyone showed up incredibly late. Not that I'm denigrating the denizens of the City of Angels, mind you. Hell we didn't even show up until the 2nd inning. But look how empty those seats were, and that's a good third of the way through the game. Must have been that famous LA traffic, no?

As some of you know and most of you probably don't, the game actually started out quite well. A Brian Roberts (1-5, HR, 2 ks) home run had America up 1-nill through the first, and after David Wright doubled in Jimmy Rollins (4-4, R, BB) in the third, it looked like the boys in red and blue would be giving us our money's worth. I was starting to think that Matsuzaka San's luck (he's unbeaten, you know) in the Classic was about to change. Then came a fourth inning that stunk worse than a burning house filled with rotting dog carcases covered in feces. Basically it stunk worse than Godfather III.
Other than the stupid hot girl sitting next to me (you know who you are!),
this was the last positive image from the game

So after the 3rd inning I decide to investigate the accuracy of my buddy's "I got the hooks-ups!" claims with regards to concessions at Dodger Stadium. The lines were abysmal, but in the end we got enough food to feed a family - or a kinda-hungry Houstonian -not to mention a few rounds of brew. Note: if you can avoid paying $11 for 16 oz. beers at a sporting event, Always. Do This. Mad dap to Edwin for backing up his claims. Always cool when you can score $50+ worth of snackies because you know the manager of Dodger concessions. On a related note, because everyone is dying to know...Dodger Dogs? Terribly overrated. I had good feelings about it, too. Kinda felt like I scored the girl I was eye-balling for years, only to find out between the sheets she was about as useful as a pitchfork when it came to sex. Or a hermaphrodite. Whichever seems like a bigger disappointment to you.

In any case I missed the entire fourth inning and was faced with that eternal, "What if I had stayed in my seats?! Maybe it would have been different!" dilemma that sports fans always seem to face. For the record, I don't regret leaving my seats. If the only way the Creamed Team can win is by me avoiding loads of free food and drinks, the fuck 'em.

By the end of the inning it was 6-2 Japan, Roy-O was looking like shit, and Daisuke's streak was looking pretty damn safe. I still thought the US had a shot, of course, but it really took the gusto out of everyone in the stands, not to mention those still walking to their seats.
You can't see, but he's looking down at his Katana sword, preparing to slice an American flag right off it's little wooden stick. Just kidding! That was merely a horrible fucking metaphor!

The rest of the game was fairly uneventful. Ryan Braun (1-4, R, k) and Brian McCann (0-1, R, 3 BB) both scored in the top of the 8th, but any enthusiasm and belief in a comeback was more than offset by Japan's 3 runs later in the inning. There wasn't much else to do except take in the wonder that is Derek Jeter in a baseball uniform. Sure, I've seen him in advertisements and during telecasts, but seeing him live? In person? It was like what it must have been like to see Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel. Like seeing George Washington lead troops into battle. Wilt Chamberlain picking up a chick. Like seeing the Keebler elves bake some goddamn cookies, ya'll. Do you see those BUNS? Perfection personified. That is the only way to describe the goosebumps-filled moments of a Jeter moment. I can now tell my grandchildren I saw one of the greatest - if not THE greatest - human being to ever live.
Even from our seats, you could really see the spectre of
godliness surrounding the anomaly that is JETAH

The best moment of the game? Let me draw you a picture...while it was Japan and the US playing in the game, I saw more colors of various countries than I could count. It was clear from the ethnic and racial diversity amongst the fans sporting their colors that it's no wonder Americans have little passion for the WBC - the excitement's all being horded by fans of other countries. However, sitting in the front row of our section was a family of about 6-8 of Hispanic decent. Clearly there were a few members of the fammo that hadn't quite perfected English, but were definitely using it with enthusiasm every chance they got. The kicker? They were all clad in red, white and blue, cheering the hell out of the US boys. Being that this is somewhat of a sensitive topic area - especially considering recent events - let's just say that it's endearing and reassuring to see first and second-generation Americans really getting behind the team and taking pride in the US squad. For some reason I can't say anymore about this at the risk and fear of sounding racist.

This is what it's all about...or, will be. Y'know, in three years.


Anonymous said...

2nd inning my ass! You got there around the 3rd, and if you had gotten there early or on time, you would of had more free beer, fresher hot dogs because it wouldn't of taken us so long to get it back to the seats by ourselves, and you could of seen the entire game! BTW, baseball games in LA are usually filled at about the 3rd inning, I don't know why, but trust me traffic has a lot to do with it. The way the Chavez Ravine is accessed is very hard to get to when another 15K want in at the same time! So even if you get to the stadium or near it, 15-20 minutes before the game, people won't get to their seats till about the 3rd inning or so!

BTW, how dare you doubt my hook up abilities? Need I take a picture of the 30+ Dodger souvenir cups I own?

Dodger Dogs are the Bomb I don't know what you're talking about, the dogs at the other 5 stadiums I been to are sad! Angel Stadium has amazing food, don't remember having the hot dogs, but I saw them and they looked great! So pay respect to the Dodger Dogs, I'm wondering how you heard about them, are they that famous that even in GA or at least on Sue's they are talked about?

Anyone coming to LA and wanting to watch a Dodger game, is more than welcome to take me to the game! I will be watching Manny on opening day among other dates, and cannot wait for his Bobblehead! Also going back when we play the Mariners, Ichiro is beyond sick, he deserves to have a better team!

Osama Bin Jammin said...

Dodger dogs are famous, not sure why. We were there in the second, I've got the pictures to prove it.

Let's make a day trip out of going to Anaheim.


Anonymous said...

Dude Anaheim is like 20 minutes outside of LA, unless there's traffic, no need for a day trip, unless you actually plan on going to Disneyland?

Haven't got enough of Mickey I see?
Just make sure you don't have it planned on a day of the Galaxy's games!