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Lump don't care where the game played

Should the Georgia-Florida game move to a "home-and-home" game, alternated between the Georgia Dome and Jacksonville?

It's the age old question, and seemingly every UGA blogger has weighed in with a resounding "FUCK NO!" Allow me to play devils advocate for a minute, and feel free to pull our UGA blogger card. I do believe we can get a bit more mileage out of the WBC.

I am all for the GA-FL game switching to an Atlanta-Jacksonville format. And it is for completely selfish reasons.

I'm not a Hartman Fund donor. I have lived in either Athens or Atlanta for 90% of my life. I hate driving more than four hours at a time.

So that might impact where I'm coming from. But i'm sorry, I just don't get the whole "WE DON'T LOSE BECAUSE OF THE LOCATION" talk. If you're willing to admit that location does not play a factor in the outcome of the game, why does it matter if the game moves to Atlanta every other year? Do you truly believe that the current setup doesn't feel like an away game to those UGA players? I'm not saying that's the reason UGA loses 4/5 games, but "the plane ride from Athens is as long as a bus ride from Gainesville" talk is ludicrous. See if Gator fans would be saying the same if the game was played in Atlanta.

Oh, you want to get into the whole "THERE ARE UGA FANS IN SOUTH GEORGIA TOO" talk? Fair enough. Unfortunately, Athens, Georgia is located in the northeast corner of the state. UGA should not play their biggest rival in their backyard simply because of its' ideal proximity to a certain portion of UGA fans. If having GA/FL in Jacksonville means so much to South Georgia fans, they'll still be able to experience the beauty of greater Jacksonville...just every other year. I'd rather move the University to Milledgeville than decide to play Florida in Jax every year just to keep St. Simons boosters placated.

"TAILGATING IN ATLANTA/THE DOME SUCKS...HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE VINE CITY MARTA STATION!?!!" Yes, it does suck. And yet, for some reason, SEC and ACC teams are tripping over themselves for the opportunity to play their season opener here in the A. This is the biggest joke of a point ever. People will find a way to drink beer outside before a fucking football game. Pissed you'll have to pay $20 for parking (because those good lots near Alltel are practically free, right?)...well, think about all the money you'll be saving by not driving seven hours to Jax or having to stay in some motel 10+ miles away from the stadium. Yes, that's right, Atlanta would actually have luxury accommodations within walking distance of the Georgia Dome. But please, feel free to expound on the beauty of viewing the St. James River while sitting in 5mph traffic on Saturday morning at 10a.m.

"WE LOSE OUR PRESENCE IN FLORIDA/SOUTH GEORGIA!" Not really. We'll still be playing in Jax every other year. Call me crazy, but I don't think Georgia's innate ability to get our ass stomped by Florida in Jax most every year has the Champ Baileys and Aaron Murrays of the world drooling over the Dawgs. I trust Coach Richt in every aspect of recruiting. Pulling GA/FL out of Jacksonville every other year won't cost us any recruits.

By the way, greater Atlanta is a hotter recruiting hotbed than SouthGA/Northern FL. Fact. Just sayin'.

You've heard the other arguments. If these neutral games are SO GREAT why the hell aren't other teams doing them? Would UT or Auburn ever play us in Atlanta? Would we ever play LSU in Mobile? Fuck and no.

Would we look like pussies moving the game to a home-and-home? WHO FUCKING CARES? There is a whole generation of Auburn fans that don't even remember they used to play Bama at Legion Field in Birmingham. I don't mean to make you feel old, but that's how quick a "tradition" can change. If you, as a Georgia fan, are that worried about how you would be viewed by Gator fans (the only other people who even give a shit about this possibility), then you are guilty of the same mental block that you claim our players are when facing Florida.

There are two reasons to keep the game in Jacksonville exclusively. One is if you are a Hartman Fund donor, and you want easier access to tickets. Word. That's legit. The other is for tradition. If you're still following sports for tradition, I suggest a second hobby. Money drives this game, and both Universities, Georgia and Florida, are going to make the most economically pleasing deal, as they always have. Worrying about anything else is a waste of time.


THHB said...

Well said---a very smart discussion (amongst yourselves albeit)---and as a Gator alum, moving it to our other home away from home (GA DOME) and getting the Dawgs out of JAX is fine by me---we could play it there every year--more tickets, too---count me in!

Joe Friday said...

It's actually less tickets for each side if the game moves to the Dome, but if Gator fans want to think that in order to move this cause along, I'm all for it!