Running around to Give you the Reacharound


Bawlin' Cawlin' 02-16-10: Quick Picks

Look back tomorrow and the rest of the week for some honey posts.


OBJ: 2-2
Joe Friday: 3-1

SJF is starting out strong and beginning to pull ahead, but at the benefit of improving upon Sue's 65% winners last year. I should be nervous at losing this bet, but I'm so excited for Sue's potential bragging right that the agony of defeat is blunted considerably by the band-aid of vanity.

2010 Bet
Tickets to a Braves game and all the beer the victor can drink.

Today's Picks

Joe Friday 1: Miami (+2) over Philadelphia

Joe Friday 2: Detriot (-5.5) over Minnesota

OBJ 1: Phoenix (-1) over Memphis
Apparently in a recent post I promised I'd never pick the hometown Suns again if they let me down. They let me down.

THIS time I mean it. On a side note, this looks to be an incredibly boring game to watch. I'm guessing that a double-technical will be the most exciting part. I'll be watching, so let's see about this bold prediction.

OBJ 2: Boston (-6) over Sacramento