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Artested Development

Just sayin.

Pardon the Interruption, but let us be the first to say that Ron Ron's recent move to La La Land is nearly directly proportional to Rodman's move to the Bulls in 1995. To state both what pops out and perhaps what's not so obvious:
  • Kobe's going for his fifth, while MJ was strolling to his fourth. Both superstars transcended their time and are/were clearly at a turning point in their careers both as ambassadors of the sport and how they handle the ball
  • Both crazies came from a Texas team (Houston and San Antonio, respectively)
  • Both were considered ridiculous defensive talents (and batshit crazy)
  • In case the above image doesn't explain, Artest to Los Angels clearly makes the Lakers the favorite for 2010 with the most legitimate triple threat in the NBA
  • Same coach?
The biggest difference of course is that this will not mean 3 more championships for the Lakers. It will guarantee at least one, barring injuries.

Someone smell football?

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